The British Pedal Car Championship has moved to a new home

It has been my honour and privilege to have devised, created, supplied and maintained the BPCC's web presence for 16 years; a tenure so long that its start predates the birth of any PC2, PC3 and PC4 driver in the sport today.

In that time, was instrumental in attracting the attention and friendship of teams and sporting federations from France, Italy, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malaysia and even the HPV racers of the AIPP in Australia. Additionally the site helped significantly in the recuitment of domestic teams to the BPCC and the establishing of links to the Ringwood and New Milton races, amongst others.

Without these links and friendships, I believe it's fair to say that there wouldn't be a European Championship (at the very least it would not have been established as early as 2003).

I am by no means pretending that alone is responsible for the BPCC's current, strong, position, as a lot of people have put a vast amount of work into this as well, but it undeniably helped here too.


However, it's now time for others to take up the role, and a new site has been created at - please update your bookmarks accordingly.

The old forum remains, as a read-only archive for reference, at

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